(Above: Detail from “Yellow Black and Grey” by Jon Jay Cruson)

By Randi Bjornstad

The show now open at the White Lotus Gallery in downtown Eugene consists of dozens of artworks by nine of the artists represented by the gallery — new pieces in some cases and older ones in others — and the styles are so different that it would be hard not to find something to like in the exhibit.

Seven of the artists are from Eugene, and here’s a rundown of what they have on the walls:

Jon Jay Cruson — Paintings of Northwest landscapes, expressed in bold geometric patterns rendered in juxtaposed bright shades, in abstract but yet recognizable form

Helen Liu, “Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden”

Helen Liu — Intriguing lighthearted “message” pieces created with unusual materials — notably her ongoing interest in reusing plastic bags and other products that clutter up the environment and the landscape

Satoko Motouji — watercolor landscapes by a teaching artist at Lane Community College

Connie Mueller — Oregon landscapes made through a linocut reduction print process — her favorite — that result in as many as 18-24 passes through the press and richly layered editions of up to 10 prints

Nancy Pobanz — makes her own hand-ground pigments in breathtaking colors from soil, rocks and other materials she collects in Eastern Oregon, then uses to color her sketches

Gary Tepfer — photographer of medium-format color images from his travels throughout Russia, Mongolia and the American West

Mike Van, “Quartz Across Quartzite”

Mike Van — artist of many mediums who creates a wide variety of paintings by filtering experiences through memory and imagination

Two artists from Portland also have pieces in the show:

Li Tie, “Slow Bull — Oglala”

Li Tie — Originally from Beijing and trained at the Central Academy of Fine Art, creates large charcoal and paint portraits

Jamie Newton, “Fire Drawing: Lotus Flower”

Jamie Newton — Recent graphic pieces conjure up an Asian aesthetic and are drawn with a stick held at arm’s length that incorporates both intent and chance



White Lotus Gallery show of Northwest Regional artists

When: Through Oct. 7

Where: 767 Willamette St. in downtown Eugene

Hours: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday

Information: 541-345-3276 or wlotus.com